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 National symposium with international speakers:
Time: October , 20 th , 2023.;
Location: Belgrade National theater


1. Svetlana Vujović

Successful pregnancy in woman with pneumothorax, endometriosis, premature ovarian insufficiency, migraine, insulin resistance  and trhombophilia

2. Miomira Ivović

Pregnancy after breast carcinoma

3. Milina Tančić Gajić

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism without anosmia

4. Ljiljana Marina

Pregnancy in premature ovarian insufficiency

5. Miloš Stojanović 

Arrhythmia treatment with estroprogestagens in menopausal women

6. Marija Miletić

 Can pheochromocytima be masked by epilepsy?

7. Dijana Smolović

Sy Turner 45,X/46,XY

8. Veljko Pantović

Fertile eunuch

9. Damir Franić

Individualisation of hormonal therapy in patients with iatrogenic premature ovarin insufficiency and disturbed liver function

10. Dragana Miljić

Story about one interesting protein

11. Marina Đurović

Akromegalia – long term treatment

12. Snežana Rakić

 Evaluation of optimal luteal phase support protocol in IVF: pregnancy rates

13. Sandra Pekić

What can we think about the  sudden headache and diplopia  in adolescents?

14. Branka Nikolić

From diagnosis to treatment of vulvovaginal disturbances

15. Marko Stojanović

Leptin therapy in patient with  generalized lipodystrophia

16. Svetlana Dikić-Dragojević

Premature ovarian insufficiency and reproduction

17. Ivan Fistonić

Menopause after oncological treatment

18. Milena Brkić

Hope, believe,  love and hormones

19. Dragana Duišin

 Challenges and controversies of detransition and reverseals

20. Aleksandar Đogo

Comparation of menopausal symptoms  after initiation and stopping estroprogestagen therapy

21. Jasmina Ćirić

X connected congenital adrenal hyperplasia

22. Mirjana Doknić

Hypopituitarism and pregnancy

23. Vinka Vukotić

Different clinical signs and hystology of disease

24. Olivera Ilić Stojanović

Suffering of the soul and musculosceletal pain

25. Biljana Beleslin

(Non) typical Graves ophtalmopathy

26. Lidija Injac Stevanović

Comorbidity of psychiatric disturbances, suicidal behaviour, PCOS and insulin resistance

27. Mirjana Stojković

Tireoidea and COVID 19

28. Vesna Dimitrijević Srećković

 Effects od weight reduction on comorbidities

29. Srđan Popović

The first European case of  transsfenoid neurosurgical intervention in the pituitary gland

30. Draško Gostiljac

High calcitonin and unregulated diabetes/ are there any correlations?

31. Svetlana Spremović Rađenović

Dysfunctional bleeding in perimenopause associated with disecant aneurism of a.subclavia- what can we do when guidelines do not exist?

32. Aleksandar Milošević

Patients with atypical sexual dysfunction

33. Snežana Polovina

What can be behind Cushing’s disease?

34. Aleksandra Jotić

Therapy by sensor enriched insulin pump in pregnancy complicated with type I diabetes:the role of modern technologies, a step forward  in multiple pregnancies

35. Katarina Lalić 

Possibilities of treating hypercholesterolaemia in pregnancy

36. Aleksandar Ljubić 

Gonadal insufficiency, pregnancy and  complications during parturition in patient previoulsy treated with biological therapy

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